ROC the DAY with FACET 2013!!

Mon Dec 2nd

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ROC the DAY with FACET on 12/11/13!
This fall, FACET completed its first Teacher Mini-Grant funding round. All district teachers were invited to submit proposals and nearly $5,000 was committed to impacting all facets of a Fairport Education.  Help FACET replenish the Teacher Grant Fund by donating to the ROC the DAY initiative through the United Way on Wednesday 12/11/13 from 12:00am-11:59pm. Snap the QR code or click to participate.  On behalf of students and teachers in Fairport, FACET thanks you for your support!
FACET Teacher Mini-Grant Recipients
  • Brooks Hill School:  Anne Cormier, Maureen Holcombe, Shelley Moyer and Susan Reindel  Proposal: Building Prior Knowledge to Support Vocabulary and Comprehension for ELL students
  • Dudley School:  Lorri Beth Willard, Instructional Support Staff   Proposal:  LCD Boogie Boards for Word Work
  • Jefferson Avenue School:  Nicole Allen, Reading Support Staff   Proposal:  Building Readers:  How Families Can Help Children Get Ready to Read (Electronic newsletter subscription)
  • Northside School:  Margaret Benedetto and Rachael Rzepka, Math Lab Instructors   Proposal:  i-Pad Minis to Support Struggling Math Learners
  • Minerva DeLand School:  Curt Sleeman, Art Instructor  Proposal:  Dry-erase boards and markers to assist with classroom instruction/technique practice
  • Minerva DeLand School:  Paula Gitlin, Global Studies Teacher   Proposal:  Global Studies Word Wall for vocabulary and term instruction and retention
  • Fairport High School:  Elizabeth Burns, Science Teacher    Proposal: Spectrophotometer for use in AP Chemistry, AP Biology, SUPA Forensics and the NASA collaborative HUNCH program
  • Fairport High School:  Patricia McGrath   Proposal:  Set of response remotes for use with SMART technology in the ADEPT classroom
  • District Instructional Support Team Members: Emily Hunt (Brooks Hill), Jessica Jones (DU), Kimberly Billcliff (JA),and Christine Bushnell (NS)   Proposal:  Multi-Sensory Phonics Cards and supplies
  • District Art Department:  Marcia Steffer and Shelley Gentile  Proposal:  Purchase of portable display panels for K-12 art exhibition
FACET acknowledges the thoughtful engagement of those who served on the GRANT COMMITTEE:  Karen Barbato, Michiko Bigenwald, Bill Broderick, Debbie Bruno, Alexander Hoffarth, Nancy Loughran, Nancy Woolver, and Jane Bacon, Esq., Overseer